As groups transition to Campus AD you will be notified when to take the following steps

Please only follow the setups when instructed to during the Migration window

  1. Make sure you are docked or connected to VPN ( note as long as you are connected to VPN you are able to transition while remote)
  2. Close any files and applications you have open
  3. In the Big Fix Support Center - Opening instructions Accepting Offer to install Software
  4. Select the "Migration to Campus AD Task"
  5. Accept the offer
  6. With in a minute or 2 your computer will restart
  7. Once computer is restarted you can login with your Campus NetID and password.
    note if you are remote you will need to connect to VPN using the following steps - GlobalProtect VPN - Pre-login (Windows OS)
  8. After login
    1. Verify you have all your files
    2. Network Shares are mapped
    3. Printer setup and accessable
  9. Migration is complete if you see no issues

Mac Users

  • Please contact SMPH Shared Service IT

If you have issues on Migration day please call 608-262-5709

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