Instructions for SMPH students to obtain remote access to HealthLink from one personally owned Windows or Apple laptop device.  Read through this information carefully and follow each step if you would like to obtain remote access to HealthLink.

Step 1 - Agreement and Training

  1. Complete the remote access training in Canvas from the course titled "HealthLink Remote Access Training" ( and save a copy of your completion certificate.
  2. Using the following link, attach a copy of the completed certificate from Step 1 and sign the SMPH Medical Student Remote Access Acknowledgement located here: SMPH Medical Student Remote Access Acknowledgement
    1.  Note:  you will not be able to connect to SMPH VPN (Step 3) until the above form is received and validated by SMPH Shared Services IT.  Step 2 can (and should) be completed while waiting for confirmation email.  
    2.  Upon approval, A confirmation email will be sent to the email address entered on the form from the SMPH Shared Services IT ticketing system (Jira).
    3.  Please be patient!  It can take several days for the request to be processed.  Typical turnaround time is within five business days, but high volume can extend this time frame.

Step 2 - Computer Enrollment

  1. Update your system
    1. Your device's Operating System must be at or above, the minimum required operating system version prior to enrolling your device: 

    2. If your laptop is not compliant with the security requirements described in the acknowledgement and enrollment instructions, update your laptop to meet those requirements. Assistance is available from the DoIT Helpdesk ( or the SMPH IT Shared Services Helpdesk -
    3. Please note, if you are running Windows 10 Home edition, you will need to upgrade your Windows Operating System to Windows 10 for Education to support the required encryption. See the attached instructions for Windows 10 Education Upgrade.
      1. For Windows 11 Home edition: Request the Windows 10 Key using the linked instructions in part C. 
        1. Press Windows key + I, then go to System > Activation.

        2. In the right pane click the "Change" button beside the Change product key option, then use the key you were issued to upgrade to the Education version.

  2. Enroll your device in Workspace One
    1. Windows Instructions: Student Workspace ONE Enrollment for Windows 
    2. Mac Instructions: Student Workspace ONE Enrollment for macOS

Step 3 - Install & Connect to SMPH VPN

  1. Install the GlobalProtect VPN Client
    1. Windows Instructions:
    2. Mac Instructions:
  2. Add, and Connect to the SMPH VPN Portal (portal address:
    1.  Instructions: Connecting to SMPH VPN for Medical Students
      *Note:  The VPN Connection will not work until SMPH Shared services has received, and approved your "SMPH Medical Student Remote Access Acknowledgement" from step 1 above.

Step 4 - Setup UW Health Multi-Factor Authentication

  1. Instructions found here:
    1. Please note this site is only accessible remotely via Palo Alto GlobalProtect and SMPH VPN. 

Step 5 - Connect to HealthLink

  1. Instructions: Connecting to UW HealthLink for SMPH Students