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Once you've filled out all relevant fields on the form, click the "Save and Close" button in order to create the new organization record.

Linking Your New Organization (or an existing one) to a User

Now that you've created the new organization record (or even if you have an old one that's not yet linked to a user to which it should be linked), you'll need to link it to a user in order for that organization to be able to come through on an application. To link your new organization to a user, you'll first have to pull up a user record.


After clicking the link, a window titled "link an existing org" will come up. Under "Organization," begin typing in the name of your newly creating organization (or the name of the existing organization that you would like to link to this user). As you type, suggested extant organizations will display below the text box; when you see your organization in the list of suggestions, click on it. Finally, navigate to the bottom of the window and click "Create Relationship." This will link the user in question with the organization record you selected.