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A risk assessment is currently underway that will help determine what additional controls may need to be put in place for proprietary, private, or unpublished source code that is considered sensitive.

Can external people collaborate? What about UWH employees?

Yes, but they will need a NetID. The current recommendation is to invite vendors and external collaborators to a relevant Manifest group that allows external invites. If your department already has an appropriate group, you can invite them to that group. If your department does not, you can the SMPH Application Support team and ask them to invite the person to the SMPH External Collaborators group. Once the person accepts the invite, they are given an opportunity to create a NetID if they do not already have one. For more information, see Manifest - Using a Manifest Group to Invite People to Create Identities (NetIDs).

There is a special case for UW Health employees, who often have a UW NetID but do not have an email address. They will need to be able to use MFA Duo also, in order to log into GitLab with their NetID. Once that’s set up, just let the DoIT Shared Tools team know the user’s NetID and they can add it to their list of NetIDs that are allowed access, even though they’re not UW-Madison staff.  They can then log in and create their account. After that, you can invite them to the project you want them to access with whatever permission level you choose.

How do I migrate my project to GitLab?