• Update start and end date
    • End date removes the activity from listings
    • Set end date as month 

  • Update Type to Lab, Exam, etc.

  • Update client to correct department

  • Update video start to - pre-encounter learner part display (if door scenario is the trigger)

  • Assign Case to Activity


  • Faculty group - PA Owners

  • SP group - Always standardized patients

  • Learner group created/selected for this event


  • Faculty Evaluations
  • Peer to peer evaluations


  • Check 3rd box on the left column (data entry only allowed from manually authorized workstations)

  • If using faculty evaluations select Jump to classic FON data entry...  this helps with faculty view


  • Learner access
    • Video review
    • Allow peer access to video (for peer to peer)

  • Check enable report access for learners during the activity

  • Check the selected reports to allow students to access their own videos

  • Ensure all are check under-report reviewer access

Advanced Scheduling

  • Create timeslots
  • Click Add New event

  •  Enter the title, start date, start time 
  • Update number of time slots, length, and time after (Typically 2 minutes for SPs)


  • Select create all timeslots

  • Create a "special timeslot" for a break with no time after. (Typical Break is 7 minutes)

  • Stations - room numbers.   (FYI purple A is a walkthrough space for SPs, and Purple DEF is preferred over ABC due to column by room C)
    • Select the number of rooms assigned for the event and click continue

  • Case will be set as Event, update Room to assigned rooms; i.e. Orange A, Purple B, etc. (PA typically uses Orange and Purple for patient encounters and green and blue for write-ups)

  • Spots - Select custom enter number of students

  • Generate assignments 
    •  Assign all students to the event under move to

  • Ensure unchecking keep previous assignments
  • You can enter students in a specific order for room layout, or select randomize

  • To view the schedule once the above items are complete click on the date hyperlink.


  • You can manually override and move students around as needed.
  • Click compact view for a printable schedule of rooms and students