It's a good idea, when logging into a computer for the first time, or a recently re-imaged laptop with a fresh copy of Windows installed, to change the default app settings, to more preferred apps.

Step-by-step guide

- Click the Start Menu (Windows icon, bottom left corner) and type "Default apps"

- Select the "Default apps System settings".

- Within the Default apps System settings window, left click, to change the following default apps:

  1. Email:  Change from "Mail" to "Outlook"
  2. Video Player:  Change from "Movies & TV" to "VLC media player"
  3. Web browser:  Change from Microsoft Edge, to your preferred web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)

- Next scroll down and select "Choose default apps by file type"

      This will load a long list (along the left side) of Windows file types.

- From the file type choices, scroll down the list (grab scroll bar, right side) until you get to the .pdf listing.

- Change the .pdf file type from "Microsoft Edge", to "Adobe Acrobat DC"

- At this point you should be done. Close out of the Default apps settings.