• Click the "Show hidden icons" section (up arrow, right side of taskbar) and select the GlobalProtect icon (white globe symbol).

  • Click the Connect button.

  • Enter your NetID Credentials, then click the Sign In button.

  • Type in a Fob generated passcode, or enter the number 1 for Duo Push, then click the Sign In button.

  • You should now be connected to the VPN portal.

  • Check the box next to "Do not show this again", if you'd like to stop the Welcome message from popping up, each time you connect to the VPN.

  • IF ? you get prompted for an update, click Yes. (Short on time? Close window to skip update)

  • After a short pause, you should get another update prompt, click Yes.

  • GlobalProtect should now update (may take a couple minutes) in the background. 
  • After the update completes, you will need to login and re-connect the VPN again.

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