SMPH users:
 Windows Mac OS & Linux
 Home directory M:



 smph-shared drive N:



 it drive T:



Old Style: \\\"share name"

 Ebling users:
 Windows Mac OS & Linux
 Home directory V:\\\smph\homedir\”username”smb://”username”
 Ebling-shared drive W:\\\smph\ebling-shared


 Physical Therapy users:
 Windows Mac OS & Linux
 Home directory H:\\\smph\pthome\”username”smb://”username”
 PT shared drive L:\\\smph\ptshared\PhysicalTherapysmb://
 PT Students drive S:\\\smph\ptshared\PTStudentssmb://
 PT Wenker drive W:\\\smph\ptshared\Wenkersmb://

 OCPD users:
 Windows Mac OS & Linux
 Home directory H:\\\smph\homedir\”username”smb://”username”
 OCPD shared drive S:\\\smph\ocpd-sharedsmb://
 OCPD archive T:\\\smph\ocpd-archivesmb://

Basic Sciences - Neuro users:
 Windows Mac OS & Linux
 Home directory H:\\\smph-data\homedir\”NetID”smb://”NetID”
 Lab private drive P:\\\smph-data\Private\Neurosci\"LabID"smb://"LabID"
 Lab shared drive S:\\\smph-data\Shared\Neuroscismb://


There are some exceptions. The Chanda Lab, and the Chapman Lab have their user's home directory inside of the lab private drive directory.

 Basic Sciences - CRB users:
 Windows Mac OS & Linux
 Home directory H:\\\smph-data\homedir\”NetID”smb://”NetID”
 Lab private drive P:\\\smph-data\Private\CRB\"LabID"smb://"LabID"
 Lab shared drive S:\\\smph-data\Shared\CRBsmb://

 Oncology users:
 Windows Mac OS & Linux
 Home directory H:\\\smph-data\homedir\”NetID”smb://”NetID”
 Lab private drive P:\\\smph-data\Private\oncology\"LabID"smb://"LabID"
 Lab shared drive S:\\\smph-data\Shared\oncologysmb://

 CVRC users:
 Windows Mac OS & Linux
 Home directory H:\\\smph-data\homedir\”NetID”smb://”NetID”
 Lab private drive P:\\\smph-data\Private\cvrc\"LabID"smb://"LabID"
 Lab shared drive S:\\\smph-data\Shared\cvrcsmb://
 MPH users:
 Windows Mac OS & Linux
 Home directory H:\\\smph-admin\homedir\ACAD\MPH\”NetID”smb://”NetID”
 Private drive P:\\\smph-admin\Privatesmb://
 Shared drive S:\\\smph-sharedsmb://
 PHI users:
 Windows Mac OS & Linux
 Home directory H:\\\smph-phi-share\homedir\"NetID"smb://"NetID"
 Private drive P:\\\smph-phi-share\private\phismb://
 Shared drive S:\\\smph-phi-share\shared\phismb://
 PHS users:
 Windows Mac OS & Linux
 Home directory H:\\\smph-phs-share\homedir\"NetID"smb://"NetID"
 Private drive P:\\\smph-phs-share\private\phssmb://
 Shared drive S:\\\smph-phs-share\shared\phssmb://
 PHS (SHOW) users:
 Windows Mac OS & Linux
 Home directory H:\\\show\homedir\"NetID"smb://"NetID"
 Shared drive S:\\\show\private\SHOW\Ssmb://
 Private drive T:\\\show\private\SHOW\Tsmb://
*Restricted driveQ:\\\show\private\SHOW\Restrictedsmb://


SHOW, PHS, and PHI users must be connected to the  VPN servia via Global Protect.  *Access to the Q: drive is restricted to specific members of that group.

Also see:

SMPH Network Drive Locations - Administrative (HSLC) staff, Basic Sciences (Neuro/CRB), Oncology, CVRC, PHI, and PHS/SHOW users

Lab script download:
**Accessible by lab members with NetID Auth, maps H: and P:
  (Basic Science Groups - Campus Active Directory)