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WINDOWS Instructions: 

Select the red "W" from the System Tray on the bottom right of the screen. This will launch the IBM BigFix Support Center. (see attached picture) 

In the Offers tab, from the available list of software, select "Install Zoom Meetings", then below that select "Click here to accept this offer". 

* Important - After installation completes, Outlook will need to be restarted for Zoom plugin button to show in Outlook.

Note:  It may take a several minutes to install.  Click the Progress tab in the IBM BigFix Support Center window, to watch the installation progress.

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MAC Instructions:

  1. In the Menu bar (top right) look for the Blue "B" and click on it

    Note: If you do not see the icon, it could mean that your computer does not have any offers available.

  2. In the offers tab from available software

  3. Then Click Accept

  4. A message should appear when installing and when the action is complete.

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