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  • How to access your office computer remotely
  • Tools to access campus resources remotely 
    • Video Conferencing, Messaging, Security Software, Email, Phone, File Storage, Online Classes, and other Collaboration Tools -
      • Video Conferencing (Webex, MS Teams,etc.) need to be installed on home machine in order for full functionality of speakers, webcam and microphone.

Policy on taking office equipment  home:

We discourage users bringing home desktop computers due to the need for a wired connection, monitors, post-home use sanitation and setup, and lack of home setup/ongoing support.

If SMPH users have a  true a business case and they get approval from their supervisor they could bring home the desktop.

If Internet Connection To Your Home Becomes Unreliable or Unavailable

Most major cell phone carriers offer a service called "Mobile Hotspot".  This allows you to share your cell phone plan's internet with your home computer.  Your home computer needs to have a wireless connection, and your cell phone provider generally will charge a fee for this service as well as conditions for data cost and use.  This can be a valuable option if your primary Internet service at home becomes unreliable or unavailable. 

We've included some links below to information from the major carriers.  Please note these are external links and this information is provided by the carrier and may be subject to change at any time:

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