Qlik (pronounced "click") Sense is a web-based data analytics platform, hosted by the UW School of Medicine and Public Health. It allows users to interact with data through visualizations, filterable reports, and other formats. 

Curated institutional data is available through the SMPH Qlik platform, including data from campus, UWHealth, and additional SMPH-specific data sources. This includes HR, financial, facilities, and educational data. Research data is, at this time, limited to research administration or fully de-identified data. 

Dashboards and reports are created in Qlik Sense by SMPH IT, as well as by developers from other units within SMPH, giving groups the freedom to build to their own needs and specifications with a combination of their own data alongside centrally curated data.

Release Timeline

Feb-May 2019

First developers added to Qlik Dev Environment

Building of baseline security groups

Building of baseline Qlik data sets (QVDs) - ongoing

May 2019

Inaugural developer-to-developer demo

Testing of security roles in Qlik Test Environment

First Qlik apps moved into Qlik Test Environment

June 2019

Launch of twice-monthly Qlik Developer Open Labs

Testing of security roles in Qlik Production Environment

Summer 2019First Qlik apps promoted to Qlik Production Environment