• Connect to Wi-Fi by selecting the network icon (1) and then selecting UWNet (2) and authenticating with NetID and NetID password or preferred network (at home)

  • At the computer login screen, select the (bottom right corner) Double Network icon.

  • Enter the smph.vpn.wisc.edu (if it's not already populated)

  • Enter your UW Campus credentials (NetID username and password).

  • Next, you will be prompted for MFA-DUO authentication.
    • Enter 1, to send push to phone/mobile device.


    • Enter code, generated from your Fob, or phone/mobile device.


  • Once Connected, click "Back" to return to the normal user login window.

  • Finally, login with username and password.

Note:  If this is a first time login, and you are using a temporary password, you should get prompted to change the password to one of your own choosing.