Note: Each central stream has a second stream with limited access reserved for sensitive data, so for example we have streams for both HR and HR - Sensitive.
Apps that are in the sensitive stream are listed in italics.

To request access, please email and CC the relevant Stream Admin, noting name, netID, and stream being requested. See notes below each stream group for details on how access is determined.

StreamStream AdminContactPublished AppsAutomated Access

Central Streams

Access to standard central streams, as opposed to Sensitive, is granted as a single group.


HIPAA Training Compliance;
HR Data Maintenance Reports including:
Instructional Employee Degree Errors; Invalid Governance Relationships; POI Relationships; Position of Trust CBC Rechecks; Recent Hires, Terms, and Transfers; Reports To; VA Officer Codes; Work Authorizations

All current employees in A530260, plus SMPH IT Directors have automatic access.

Users who have access to any stream in Qlik other than MD Program & MD Students are able to see the HR stream.

FacilitiesMark only currently published in Facilities Sensitive Stream) 
FinanceDarlene Wooddwood2@wisc.eduPI Expenses; PI Project Balances; Grad Consortium MS Biotech Expenses; Grad Consortium MS Biotech Project Balances; Indirect Costs; Sponsored Awards in Deficit; Salary on Grants-Basic Science

Users who have access to any stream in Qlik other than MD Program & MD Students are able to see the Finance stream.

Limited Access Central Streams

Access to standard central streams, as opposed to Sensitive, is granted as a single group.

HR SensitiveKristen Demographics & Compensation; JEMS Rate & TitleAll SMPH HR Business Partners
Facilities SensitiveMark Office Utilization; PI Expenses and Receipts per Square Foot; Spaceon demand
Finance SensitiveDarlene Wooddwood2@wisc.edunone currently in productiontbd
Finance Admin & DepartmentalDarlene Wooddwood2@wisc.eduTrust Balances; Fund 137; UWMF Fund233 DepositsAll current employees with a jobcode that starts with FN, RE, or SC in SMPH (A53), DAs, Associate DAs, and Division Admins, Directors, Chairs
Finance AFQDarlene Wooddwood2@wisc.eduAssessments for UWMSN and UW System; Data for AFQ Rows Labeled Final; Data for AFQ Rows Labeled Preliminary; Fund 131 for Tuition Analysis; Fund 233 Projects; Medical School Annual UW Expenses; SMPH Maintenance and Utilities; Transfers to UW from UW Health and UWMF; UWF for AFQ; UWHC Sales CreditsAll current employees in A530230, and the CFO 

Limited Access Program-Related Central Streams

Access is restricted to those administering or in the program in question. Access must be requested individually, or will more often be granted to an entire group when a new relevant app is published.

MD ProgramTheresa Pesavento pesavento@wisc.eduPhase 2 Clinical Assessment; Phase 3 Clinical Assessment; Clinical Assessment TrackerMD Program staff on demand
MD StudentsTheresa Pesavento pesavento@wisc.eduPhase 2 Clinical Assessments for Students; Phase 3 Clinical Assessments for Students

All MD Students

PA ProgramTheresa Pesavento pesavento@wisc.edunone currently in production


MD StudentsTheresa Pesavento pesavento@wisc.edunone currently in production

All PA Students

Streams for Distributed Departments and Units

These are accessible only to users who have access approved by the stream admin, generally reserved for users within the department or unit.

ICTRShannon KL2 Data
Wisconsin Partnership ProgramJonathan Thomasthomas38@wisc.eduWPP Grants Overview; WPP Cost Transfers; WPP Annual Report; WPP Grants Spending; WPP Cash Balance; Grants Reports SummaryWPP staff on demand

none currently in production

Cancer CenterMike

Clinical Finance Dashboard

Cancer Center staff on demand
Clinical ResearchMike

none currently in production

Clinical Research staff on demand
(Department of) MedicineAdam Halsteadagwhalst@medicine.wisc.edunone currently in productiontbd
(Department of) Surgery<tbd>
none currently in productiontbd
Streams that are listed without published apps are groups that have started development
and may have apps in our dev or test environments, but do not yet have anything in production.
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