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  1. Connect to GlobalProtect VPN
    1. Press the Start Menu and type GlobalProtect, then select GlobalProtect to launch the application.
      1. If GlobalProtect is not listed, and you are on a work computer, email Shared Services IT at to have GlobalProtect installed.  GlobalProtect is installed on all Shared Services IT managed computers as standard software.
      2. If GlobalProtect is not listed, and you are on a personal computer, see for download and installation instructions.

                b. If you are asked for a portal address, enter

For PHS, PHI, and SHOW use:

                c. Press Connect

                             Verify portal address, enter your NetID and Password, then press Sign In

           d. You should see a Connecting message and then GlobalProtect with disappear

           e.  If the connection was successful, you will see a blue globe in the System Tray (bottom right of computer). If needed, press the up arrow to show System Tray icons.

           f.  To disconnect, select the globe to bring up the application and select Disconnect.

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