Follow this for SMPH users (on MSAD) to set up a network printer on Mac

Make sure user is on WIRED NETWORK OR GlobalProtect -VPN
  1. Download Driver

Download the canon printer drivers from one of these two locations:

  • Apps volume (current as of 06/11/19)

smb:// Version/

smb:// Version/

  • Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5560i Drivers & Downloads*

  • Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5535i Drivers & Downloads*

*Note: these will take you to the same download (get the latest one for latest OS)

Copy Zip file from Apps volume to desktop. Extract and run the installer.

Install  the Printer (by Server using Advanced Widget)–Preferred Method

Add “Advanced” widget to server menu if it isn’t displayed by selecting “Customize Toolbar” and dragging the “Advanced” widget into an empty space and click Done.

Note 2: you might get an unable to verify on network message, click continue.

  • Click on “Add”
  • Check Box for Duplexer
  • Print Test page:
    • Non MSAD users will require authentication first time printing (SAVE CREDENTIALS)

Configure the Printer

Once the printer is added, make sure it’s selected in the System Preferences - Printers & Scanners window and click on Options & Supplies... under the Utility button click Open Printer Utility.

Under Options button, configure appropriate settings (see Image), then click OK.

  • Paper Source Options:         High Capacity Cassette Feeding Unit A1
  • Paper Deck Unit:                  Off
  • Output Options:                  Inner Finisher H1
  • Copy Tray:                           Off
  • Puncher:                              2/3 Holes (only for the HSLC-4289)
  • Platform Version:                302
  • Departmental ID Management*: TOGGLE on for those that require departmental ID

*Copiers with Departmental ID (HSLC-4289, HSLC-4159, HSLC-4150, HSLC-1161)

In the Authentication Function under User Management: change the drop menu to Department ID Management, then add the appropriate code* to the Department ID: field, leave PIN blank. Click “Save Settings” and close the window.

*Canon Copier Codes for Departments:

Optional: Clicking the Verify button should post the following message:  “The entered authentication information is correct.”

Secure Printing:

In the User Information under Enter Name - Name: type in your name.

Under PIN for Secured Print: enter a PIN (of your choice) to be used for secure print jobs

Click Save Settings, then close the Printer Utility window.

Save B&W and Color presets

Open a blank document in Word select File - Print, under Printer choose an appropriate printer (Ex. Canon HSLC 4289)

Change Copies & Pages to Quality, under Color Mode: choose Black and White then in Presets: choose Save Current Settings as Preset… under Preset Name: enter Canon 4289 B&W (Only this printer) then click OK.  

Repeat this process to create a Canon 4289 Color preset and/or for single-sided printing if user requests.

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